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Yoga is Not Just a Form of Exercise!

April 03, 20242 min read

Yoga Quotation of the Day:  Yoga not only brings our body in shape but also brings our life into shape.

Yoga has become so widespread that it’s easy to view it as just another type of exercise routine or program. Hardly! 

Some yogis say that yoga is like a “moving meditation.”

Yoga has fantastic holistic benefits for your entire body, mind, and spirit! The unique physical postures, breathwork, and meditative practices help unify or “yoke” these three facets of yourself and promote your overall health and sense of well-being.

Yoga awakens and restores your energy in contrast with other forms of exercise like calisthenics that tend to deplete it.  

I find yoga practice to be the ideal way to fully awaken myself in the morning. I attend morning yoga classes or do morning practice at home. Doing yoga in the morning turns on all my energy circuits and revs me up!

8 Reasons

However, if your schedule prevents you from attending morning yoga classes or practice, yoga can also be a great way to recharge your body in the afternoon if your energy nosedives at that time of day.

Yoga works for you from the inside out because many inverted poses like the shoulder stand and plough massage and nourish your internal organs and glands and increase the blood flow to those areas. As a result, you feel more awake – more alert – and more attuned to your entire being.


Plough (also spelled “plow”)

Although the yoga poses often displayed on magazine covers appear acrobatic and intimidating, you do not have to master advanced poses to reap the many benefits that yoga offers. Simple, gentle yoga poses are practical and powerful. They can work wonders for yoga beginners who are age 50 and over.

Yoga helps release the imprisoned splendor within you. Trust the process of consistent practice. As the years go by, I enjoy yoga even more than I did in my earlier years. As long as I listen attentively to my body as I do every pose, yoga practice makes me feel so good!

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